Monday, June 13, 2016


On occasions like this, I turn to leftwing news sources to see what the official line is.  Not surprisingly, this event was basically an anti-gay hate crime made possible because our gun laws (damn the NRA!) are too loose.  This song was on all their lips well before noon.  It started with some local Florida Democrats, then Obama pounded it home, and then it was reinforced by every Democratic politician that CNN and MSNBC could find.  I looked at a few leftie newspapers on Monday morning, and they all took the same tack.

As Mark Steyn (Monday’s Limbaugh sub) pointed out, all the European papers had “ISIS” in their headlines.  In the US, ISIS tended to show up somewhere in paragraph 6.


As I and 10,000 other people have pointed out, ALL mass shootings in America occur in gun-free zones.  This is simply the latest.  They will continue to happen until gun-free zones are outlawed across the country. 


An event like makes it much more likely that Donald Trump will be your 45th President.